Slow tips from Paris streets

With huge streets and unique buildings, walking around Paris makes you in another planet. Where every corner has a chic detail, from light posts to comfy vintage tables in the sidewalk, inviting you to drink a hot coffee while appreciating the view. You won’t find a street or park in Paris without vintage chairs or […]

Green looks at Oscars 2017

Although February is known as the month of love and also for being the shorter month of the year, there´s one special night that is viewed by millions of people all around the world. In this night, the looks, gowns, hairstyle and accessories of the event attendants gain more attention than the attendants itself. The […]

A love story

Mirar, tocar, pensar, ese amor a primera vista que muchas veces que te hace sentir que eso que miras está hecho para vos. Luego de pensar, girar y dar vueltas con ella, sintiendo que sin duda vas a querer tenerla, quererla y cuidarla hasta el último de sus días. Porque con ella podés estar cómoda, […]